Publish your work

Deploy your app

When your config file and your code file are ready, you can deploy you app on the developer panel.
You will also need 2 pictures that represents your app.

  • Small picture: PNG image of 100px x 100px ideally with transparent background
  • Large picture: PNG image of 300px x 300px ideally with transparent background

You can have one online version, and eventually one draft version of your code.

There are different states that determine if your app is online or not. One part it for you to decide, and the other part is for Busit to approve.
The validation process ensures that your code does not harm the system. Whether or not it does what it should, is pretty or ugly or full of mistakes is not (really) considered.

App states

There are 3 flags that can be combined to build the state of your app:

  • Disabled: the app is not available for users. However, existing instances will continue to work
  • Pending: the app is in draft mode and thus not yet available
  • Online: the app is active
  • Disabled and Pending: the current draft version is pending but is already disabled in advance
  • Disabled and Online: the current version is active (not draft) but currently disabled
  • Online and Pending: the current version is active and there is a draft version pending
  • Disabled and Online and Pending: the current version is active (not draft) and is currently disabled and there is a draft version pending

Remember that there is a state for you, and one for Busit. Together, they determine if your app is available to the users.
The condition for the app to be available to users is :

Both your state and Busit state must be 'Online'
and neither should be 'Disabled'.

Draft or not draft ?

The draft status is only applicable to the code of you app.
Both the config and the pictures are directly applicable and do not require going through validation again.

This means that you should be really careful when you change things !

You know what you are doing, right !?

Important: What you do will affect existing user instances !
This means that if you change the config, it will change for all existing instances of all users.
If you upload a new version of the code, it will change the code for all instances of all users.
This implies that every change you make must be backward compatible to make sure that existing user scenarios still work.

If a drastic change in your app makes it totally different, consider creating a new app instead


Here are the typical workflows you will encounter:

  1. You have nothing yet
  2. You create an app by uploading your code, config and pictures.

    Your state : 'Pending'
    Because it is waiting for your approval before being submitted

    Busit state : none

  3. You think your app is ready and you ask Busit to validate it.

    Your state : 'Online'
    Because for you, it's all good

    Busit state : 'Pending'
    Because it needs to be validated

  4. Busit checks your code and validates your app. It is available to users.

    Your state : 'Online'

    Busit state : 'Online'

Later, you have a new version of your app:

  1. Your app is currently online.

    Your state : 'Online'

    Busit state : 'Online'

  2. You upload a new version of your code as a draft.

    Your state : 'Online' and 'Pending'
    The current version is still available to users

    Busit state : 'Online'

  3. You request validation of your new draft version.

    Your state : 'Online'

    Busit state : 'Online' and 'Pending'
    The current version is still available to users

  4. Busit checks your code and validates the new version. The new version replaces the previous one, even in existing user instances.

    Your state : 'Online'

    Busit state : 'Online'

General notes

You cannot delete your app if it is in use by any user.

When you submit your app for validation or for any concerns, please contact us. This will speed up things.

Is something unclear, you've spotted a mistake, or you need more details ?

Then please help us improve this doc.
Or contact us directly.